Conquest Pools Case Study

Crafting a modern browsing experience for Conquest Pools

Conquest Pools are the largest manufacturer of pools in Victoria. We redesigned the Conquest Pools website to reflect their 50 years of experience as experts in the manufacturing of fibreglass pools.

increase in website traffic in 2 months
increase in online quotes in 2 months
reduction in loading time compared to previous site

The Challenge

Conquest Pools have been experts in fibreglass manufacturing for 50 years. They service Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia with over 20 dealers. Independent, non-bias studies show conclusive results that their fibreglass composition outclasses a top Australian manufacturer in all factors of material strength. Unfortunately, while the quality of their product is top-of-the-line, their digital presence did not reflect this.

It was hard to browse pool styles and colours. Even more concerning was the difficulty in which customers found their website online, especially a company with this sort of history. In 2020, the need was there more than ever to increase their online presence, especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conquest Pools came to us to design an innovative and efficient way of displaying their products, and communicating important information to their customers. Until now, it's been difficult for customers to browse through pool styles, colours, and sizes without seeing flyers in person.

The Solution

As we do with all companies we work with, we started off by asking a range of questions and learning about the brand. We asked what made Conquest Pools different; and were happy to find that they are very passionate about the quality of their pools. Unfortunately, the flaws of poorly constructed counterparts are not usually obvious to the untrained eye of unsuspecting customers. A challenge for us would be communicating this fact to customers and highlighting these important differences.

We thought this was so important that we decided to place the "differences" page call to action just below the fold. The quote above the call to action button creates curiosity, and the user is directed towards the important statistics.

With 65% of customers in this industry browsing on mobile, we realised we needed to prioritise a simple and effective mobile website. However, plenty of problems arise when users browse through websites on mobile.

Websites are likely to load more slowly, and people are more likely to notice a slow loading website on mobile, ruining user experience. People on their phones are so used to having apps load immediately. When a mobile website takes longer than 2-3 seconds it can feel like an eternity.

The mobile experience we've created is smooth, fast, and beautiful. Loading time is fast thanks to lazy-loaded and heavily optimised imagery. Navigation is simple thanks to the simple category navigation buttons on mobile. Customers can browse through all important pool information without having to click on any pesky hamburger menus.

The Result

One of the main original issues of the previous website was the bounce rate, caused by 11 second loading times on desktop. Conquest Pools' website now loads in the 1 second range on desktop.

The CMS implemented allows for the dynamic generation of pool galleries, styles, colours, blogs and dealer information.

We've seen a complete positive shift in the Conquest Pools operations. They're backed up for months, with people lining up to get their very own Conquest Pool.


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