Trek Hardware Case Study

Transforming Trek Hardware through 1494% online traffic growth in 14 months

We designed the Trek Hardware website, and implemented a simple organic marketing strategy, leading to amazing business growth of almost 1500% in 14 months.

online traffic growth in 8 months
online traffic growth in 14 months
Monthly Visitors from 1076

The Challenge

The original website for Trek Hardware was very simple and it lacked the content that modern online shoppers expect. The new website has provided a fresh look, increases traffic to its site and enhances user experience.

Trek wanted a new ecommerce web design that would allow people to find information easier but also show off the wide range of products that they sell.

The new website is modern and clean, with large images for each product. This allows people to see exactly what they are buying without having to dig through pages of product descriptions in order not to mention the ability for users to zoom in on high definition images.

However, this was just one aspect of the project, another important part was making sure the site was well optimised to maximise sales and conversion rates.

This case study follows Trek Hardware through 16 months of growth via Google Analytics after implementing a new website with an online marketing campaign. The website features a modern design, outstanding photography and has all relevant contact information available for customers.

Using Google Analytics, Trek Hardware is able to track what users are doing on their website. Google Analytics has many features that offer excellent information for businesses on how they can improve their websites, track progress and of course increase revenue.

The campaign was designed around one main element.

Search Engine Optimisation – Using the keywords that people were searching for in Google and making sure Trek Hardware appeared on page 1 of Google when someone searches for products it sells.

The first step was to optimise the website for organic traffic, this is done by making sure that all of the important keywords that people are searching for on Google are easily found on the site's pages. A few examples include:  Roof Racks, Roof Bars, Roof Boxes and Car Roof boxes.

The campaign also focused on optimising the site to be found by people who are looking for products like Trek's. The company sells many different types of outdoor equipment, this means that Google ads were used to find potential customers searching for specific products related to roof rack systems.

So far, the campaign as led to an increase in site visits, an increase in time spent on site and a decent increase in average cart value from $55.80 to $69.34 after stage 3 began which is an impressive 24% increase.

The Solution

Shopify was the perfect choice, with plenty of pre-made automation options in their extensive plugin library. It is easy to update, and allows for great automation possibilities. It also allows for great product management through categories, tags, and a built in variant system. Furthermore, content is easily created through the automatic dynamic generation of pages.

We spent a long time manually creating the 2000 product listings and 4000 variants, which included the finding and optimising of images, as well as the writing of descriptions.

We implemented automation systems for shipping and inventory syncing across multiple platforms.

NOTE: the volume of dynamically generated product pages means that our usual method of dynamic content generation is not yet necessary.

We therefore prioritised the on-page optimisation of existing content as well as legitimate organic link building.

The customer acquisition strategy for Trek Hardware involved keyword research, on-page and off-page optimisation, dynamic content generation, and white-hat link building.

The Result

The optimisation of Trek Hardware caused a 388% gain in online traffic growth within 8 months. We implemented a variety of white-hat strategies both on-page and off to create this outstanding result.

We've since stopped our SEO campaign with Trek Hardware, but the long term results from our efforts lead to a massive 1494% growth in 14 months.

4 month growth chart from October 2019 to January 2020


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